Ana T. Drew

Ana T. Drew is the evil mastermind behind the recent series of murders in the fictional French town of Beldoc. When she is not writing cozy mysteries or doing mom-and-wife things, she can be found watching “The Rookie” to help her get over “Castle”. She lives in Paris but her heart is in Provence. >>> …

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Susan J. Kroupa

Before she let her writing go to the dogs, Susan J. Kroupa won awards for her fiction from such places as the Utah Arts Council Contest, Writers of the Future and the Deep South Writing Competition. Her stories have appeared in Realms of Fantasy and in a variety of anthologies, including Bruce Coville’s Shapeshifters. Now, …

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Bruce Hammack

Drawing from his extensive background in criminal justice, Bruce Hammack writes contemporary , clean read detective and crime mysteries. He is the author of The Smiley and McBlythe Mystery Series, The Detective Smiley Mystery Short Reads and The Star of Justice Series. Having lived in eighteen cities around the world, he now lives in the …

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Linda M. Au

TL;DR: Linda enjoys typewriters, tech gadgets, crocheting, air conditioning, cats, guinea pigs, semi-tame squirrels, meandering around Sam’s Club looking for huge vats of salsa, and anything else that lends a grand sense of bold adventure to her life. Clearly she’s an adrenaline junkie.

Rhonda Hopkins

Rhonda Hopkins is an award-winning author of Apocalyptic Fiction, Paranormal, Young Adult, and Cozy Mystery, She uses her past experience as an investigator to craft characters that are diverse and full of life, along with situations that include the dark and the light side of humanity. She especially enjoys finding that light – the hope …

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Mairi Chong

Mairi grew up in the north-east of Scotland. The dramatic coastal village proved to be the perfect back-drop for imaginative play alongside her brothers. ‘The neighbours must have hated us. We were always up on someone’s shed roof tracking down smugglers, or digging in a ditch, hoping to unearth hidden treasure!’ Mairi read voraciously from …

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Bettina M. Johnson

I always knew I wanted to write. As a kid, way before the technology age had hit, I’d be stuck in the car with the folks as we drove from our home on Staten Island, NY, where I was born and raised, to our family property in the Catskill Mountains. To drive away boredom, I …

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When Lainey and her cat are unexpectedly left on the hook for a rental lease, fate throws them together with the handsome young engineer and his slobbering bulldog. Changing her dreams of buying a red Mercedes convertible after college is something Lainey Bonner didn’t want to do. When she met Darren Maynard, his crooked smile …

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Laura Hern

Blessings to you! My name Laura Hern and I am an author. My first series is called the Lainey Maynard Mystery Series. I have always been an avid reader…and loved mysteries! I thought I was solving the cases with Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and Hercule Poirot. I love shows like Monk, psych, Midsomer Murders, and …

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