Rain Through Her Fingers

Brighton, 1824. Elaine thought she’d be safe in Brighton. But then the sea rose up and flooded the city. Now, fish dwell in submerged ground floors, mists wreathe the city, and faery creatures roam the watery streets. Trapped in an attic for several months, protected by small enchantments, Elaine’s supplies are finally running low. But …

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Rabia Gale

Rabia Gale creates weird worlds full of magic and machines, and writes about flawed protagonists who never give up. She is fascinated by light and darkness, transformation and redemption, and things that fly. Her books include the Taurin’s Chosen duology, The Sunless World series, and the standalone Rainbird. She is currently at work on a …

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K.C. Julius

K.C. Julius has been writing since she could hold a pen. The Drinnglennin Chronicles, her epic medieval fantasy series, is the culmination of a story that has been running through her head for over a decade.

C. M. Harald

C. M. Harald is a writer living on the edge of London in the UK. He has spent most of the last two decades teaching history and a range of humanities subjects, at high school level. Harald writes a range of historical fiction, counterfactuals and science fiction. He is currently working on two series. The …

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