Jan Thompson

USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson writes clean and wholesome multiethnic contemporary Christian coastal and beach town romance with flavors of women’s fiction, Christian romantic suspense with elements of mystery, and inspirational international thrillers with threads of sweet Christian romance. Her books are for readers who love inspiring stories of faith, family, and friends.

Ester Lopez

Ester López

I’m a sci-fi and  paranormal adventure romance writer and screenwriter, writing on the edge of reality. I share my home with my husband and our two dogs, Ellie and Charlie, two mini horses, Pepper and Bucky, two cows, Ginger and Luna, and four chickens. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, gardening, hiking, photography, crafts …

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Ginny Sterling

Ginny Sterling

Ginny Sterling is an avid romance writer. She lives to tell sweet, inspirational, tender tales that tug at the heart-strings. She enjoys reading and creating stories that leave the reader smiling, laughing or crying. She favors writing western or contemporary. Growing up, Ginny traveled extensively visiting family, seeing the sights, and learning that everything in …

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Rebekah Millet

Rebekah Millet is an award-winning author of contemporary Christian romance novels. Although she considers herself a plot-driven writer, her characters have a tendency to hijack her plans. A New Orleans native, she loves infusing her colorful culture into her stories. You can find Rebekah on all social media platforms where she frequently interacts with followers, …

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Convenient Lies

She married her enemy… When investigative journalist Reagan McAdams discovers her new husband is part of an international crime family, she flees Paris with their newborn and returns to her childhood home in New Hampshire to gather enough money to disappear forever. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect her son from his criminal father. …

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Laura Burton

Laura writes multi-genre romance keeping to Christian values. As a big fan of books and movies, Laura feels there is a hungry audience out there looking for high-quality fiction, with exciting and moving storylines that are clean and wholesome too. That’s what you get with her books, it’s safe to say to expect the unexpected, …

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Love Me, Crazy

Dee thinks she’s hit the jackpot when it comes to her love life. Not only does she meet Jack, the gorgeous accountant who loves fast cars and the thrill of a chase. But in swoops the sweetheart Reverend Tom who loves to quote from his book on Golf more than the bible. Problem is, one …

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The Promotion

Adam is struggling with grief. Benita is moving up in her company. When she hires him to help her win the job promotion, he wonders if he’s made a mistake. Read it today to find out how these two find love in this Christian romance.