International Mystery & Crime

Kill Switch

In Krakow, Eastern Europe, a vicious gang snatches a young woman off the street. She’s trapped, terrified, alone. She knows they’re going to kill her. Or worse. All she can do is pray the end will come quickly. Except… Rogue assassin Tess Williams is in Krakow, too. Haunted by a tragic past, Tess is just …

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Bad Spirits

Kate Jones is on the run with a backpack full of money, intent on finding her way back to the United States from Mexico. Unfortunately, a ruthless drug lord named Salazar is just as intent on finding her, retrieving his stolen money, and making her pay for ever having left him. Is there anyone she …

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When Raja Met Vinny

The death of a prominent banker takes Oxford-educated private investigator Raja Williams on a case to his home turf, the Caribbean. Vinny Moore, a hipster hacker who got caught with her hand in the government’s cookie jar, is pressed into service helping a CIA task force stop a prolific cocaine smuggling operation in the Caribbean. …

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K.C. Ames

I write cozy mysteries set in the tropical beach paradise that is the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Scarlett Moss

Scarlett Moss is a pen name for author Scarlett Braden’s Cozy Mystery books. Scarlett is from the southern United States, but currently lives in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. She lives with her husband and Ecuadorian pound puppy, a Schnoodle, named Picasso. Picasso has the self-proclaimed job description of writer’s assistant, and husband Ron works …

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Barry Finlay

Barry Finlay is the award-winning author of the inspirational travel adventure, Kilimanjaro and Beyond – A Life-Changing Journey (with his son Chris), Amazon bestselling travel memoir, I Guess We Missed The Boat and three Amazon bestselling and award-winning thrillers, The Vanishing Wife, A Perilous Question and Remote Access, which are all part of The Marcie …

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Zara Keane

Zara Keane

USA Today bestselling author Zara Keane grew up in Dublin, Ireland, but spent her summers in a small town very similar to the fictional Ballybeg and Smuggler’s Cove (Movie Club Mysteries). She currently lives in Switzerland with her family. When she’s not writing or wrestling small people, she drinks far too much coffee, and tries …

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M.A. Rothman

USA TODAY bestselling author, M.A. Rothman, is one of the most unlikely novelists you’ll ever meet. He’s an engineer first and foremost, with a background in the sciences, and somehow or another, this writing habit of his has turned into a bit more than just a run-of-the-mill hobby. He primarily writes stories that focus on …

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I.A. Thompson

I.A. Thompson was born in Zurich, Switzerland, grew up near Zurich, and moved to America in her thirties. A lifelong avid reader and writer since childhood, she and a high school friend wrote their first novel together by passing the manuscript back and forth between periods. The author holds a full time management job in …

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Task Force Identity

Nobody saw the pattern… …until one analyst connected the dots. Is there enough time to stop them? Regina worked hard in school, got the right degrees, and put in her time. At 35, she’s a rising star in the C.I.A., but her dream is to be in the field. Will her new assignment be the …

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