Police Procedurals

Angela Kay

Equipped with a professional writing degree from Augusta State University, Angela Kay always had the imagination and passion of a writer. She has written many short stories in her lifetime, most of which won’t ever see the light of day! During college, her playwright professor had urged her to submit her one-act play to a …

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Dark Inception

After stumbling across some life-changing information, Damien reacts with complete disregard for the law he is sworn to uphold. His actions have some severe consequences. Not only can they get him kicked off the force, but they could also land him in jail. If that isn’t enough, when things go awry during the arrest of …

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Barry Finlay

Barry Finlay is the award-winning author of the inspirational travel adventure, Kilimanjaro and Beyond – A Life-Changing Journey (with his son Chris), Amazon bestselling travel memoir, I Guess We Missed The Boat and three Amazon bestselling and award-winning thrillers, The Vanishing Wife, A Perilous Question and Remote Access, which are all part of The Marcie …

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Toby Neal

Award-winning, USA Today bestselling social worker turned author Toby Neal grew up on the island of Kaua`i in Hawaii. Neal is a mental health therapist, a career that has informed the depth and complexity of the characters in her stories. Neal’s mysteries and thrillers explore the crimes and issues of Hawaii from the bottom of …

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M.A. Rothman

USA TODAY bestselling author, M.A. Rothman, is one of the most unlikely novelists you’ll ever meet. He’s an engineer first and foremost, with a background in the sciences, and somehow or another, this writing habit of his has turned into a bit more than just a run-of-the-mill hobby. He primarily writes stories that focus on …

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R.J. Beam

My full time “day job” is in law enforcement. I first started as a police officer back in 1999. Like most cops, I started on patrol and have worked up the ranks in a variety of positions.

Martin Crosbie

In a press release, Amazon called Martin Crosbie’s debut novel “My Temporary Life” one of their success stories. His self-publishing journey has been chronicled in Publisher’s Weekly, Forbes Online, and Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper. Martin’s recent release “The Dead List – A John Drake Mystery” was awarded a publishing contract by Kindle Press.