Urban Fantasy

Raine Reiter

Raine Reiter is a paranormal suspense author. She lives in the pacific northwest with her silly dog Luke. Her first novel, Takakush – Genus Magica Book One will release on Amazon in late October 2020. She is sprinting Colony Collapse – Genus Magica Book Two and teaching writing at Tacoma Community College. Rain blogs at …

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Paris – Immortal Phi Athanatoi vampire warrior, protecting humans from demons for thousands of years. He’s had a dreadful night. When booze ceases to work, he decides that a tattoo of the goddess’ name, Tyche, will bring him luck. She throws him an intervention that he can’t avoid. Vanessa doesn’t know how she ended up …

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Efthalia lives in Sydney, Australia. Her passion for writing was cultivated by the stories her mother told her as a child.  At school she often day-dreamt of exciting new worlds where the heroine had super-powers and would save the day. Her teachers told her on a regular basis to stop making up her own words. …

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Allegra M. Walker

Allegra M. Walker is a Gen Z author of YA and fantasy fiction from New Hampshire. Raised by a homeschooling family with Japanese-American, Lebanese-American, and Yankee roots, she’s been writing novels since she was ten years old. She enjoys integrating her lifelong love for Gothic literature and high fantasy into her books, as well as …

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Stranger Things meets Percy Jackson!

A teen who’s life is falling apart. A tear in the fabric of reality. A multi-dimensional demon bent on disrupting cause and effect. If you like creepy old houses, mind-bending parallel realities, and tv shows like Stranger Things, then you’ll love this unique and thrilling mystery that might just leave you questioning your own reality! …

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John C. Campbell

I love good stories. A book a day was my youthful standard. I can still remember exactly where I was when I read classics like Lord of the Rings, Stranger in a Strange Land, and the Foundation trilogy. In the 80s, I lived as a writer in South Austin, performing the poems at Chicago House …

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Lycan Legacy – Prey

“Prey,” whispered my inner wolf. There was a certain beauty, a certain simplicity, to her animal mindset. She was quick to label anyone or anything we met as “Pack,” “Predator,” or “Prey.” Together, wolf and woman, we always managed to tell where anyone stood. Until the day we met that damned Magician in Tokyo.

Veronica SInger

Veronica Singer is a writer of werewolf books with an international setting, unlikely attractions, and serious snark. A world traveler who has lived in many countries, she can enjoy the sophisticated pleasures of Tokyo as well as the less sophisticated pleasure of gritty New York dive bars.