AJ Campbell

Stories with a twist

AJ Campbell

Stories with a twist

After graduating as an alumna of the Faber Academy’s ‘Writing a Novel’ course, AJ is thrilled to be publishing her debut novel Leave Well Alone in 2020. Readers lucky enough to have received a pre-release copy, have described it as ‘a gripping story with a killer twist’.
While editing Leave Well Alone, AJ began work on its sequel, Don’t Come Looking, with the inception of her third domestic thriller, already making its way from her mind to her Mac!
AJ draws inspiration from many facets of everyday life and especially how challenging events impact us all in different ways. The human mind and how different people react to each other, and interact in society, fascinate her.
Asking, ‘How can that have possibly happened?’ AJ immerses herself in developing threads, plotting and letting her creative energy help her characters evolve. She seldom concludes her protagonist’s initial storyline, but a far better version based on where her characters lead her.
Until the birth of her twins, which radically changed her life, AJ was an accountant for several investment banks in London. One of her twins was born with severe disabilities, and as a result, she had to give up work to care for him. It was during this incredibly challenging (and rewarding) time that AJ began to draw on her love of the written word, partly for day-to-day inspiration and partly for her own mental health.
Reading or writing, AJ loves nothing more than settling down with a good story. She enjoys most genres, and especially novels that are thought-provoking and beg the question – What would I have done in that situation?
AJ is a firm believer in daily exercise for mental health and loves walking in the fields with her cocker spaniel, Max. She lives on the Essex / Hertfordshire border with her husband and three sons.

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