Amanda Byrd


Amanda Byrd


I have a love horror and borderline obsession with fictional serial killers. I frequently make Hannibal, Harry Potter, and Dexter references in normal conversation. I’m also a full-time psychology major, go figure.

I’d initially planned to go all the way to a Ph.D. until, at the age of 35, I realized that colleges like mine aren’t designed for adults and decided to go until I finish my Bachelor’s Degree and certificate in human resources. At the time of this writing, life has changed again, and decisions have been made to, yet again, alter my course.

I started writing in 2015 for an automotive website–I wrote their blog and updated product descriptions. My coworkers and I joked about writing a book and I did. I even published it. Then unpublished it. My writing interest quickly switched to fantasy and crime fiction because those are what I love to read.

Honestly, I’d really love for writing to be my career. More than anything, I get this high from people loving my writing–it makes me feel like, even if only for a few hours, I made them happy. That’s truly my goal: write stories that make people happy (even if there are serial killers involved). I embarked on this journey while still in school so that, maybe, just maybe, I might not have to work for anyone other than readers.

I published The Dr. van Wolfe Saga from 2016-2019 and the 13 Reasons for Murder, Britney Cage series debuted to my highest ranks yet in October 2019, with 2020 starting quarterly releases for the remainder of the series.

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