Amélie S. Duncan

Contemporary Romances

Amélie S. Duncan

Contemporary Romances

I’m Amélie S. Duncan. I live on the West Coast with my awesome husband and our adorable, loving dog Rosco. I eat sushi, drink wine, and read lots of books. I mostly write about my life experiences and the many people I’ve met through my travels and work.

Karla Doyle

After studying fashion design in college, Karla worked in the clothing industry for over two decades. In 2011, she caught

Julia O. Greene

Romance is a dance between two characters. Julia writes romance because she wants everyone to have a happily ever after.

Tara Taffera

Tara Taffera is a journalist living in Stafford, Va., with her husband of 23 years, and her three daughters. In

Danika Bloom

I believe in love at first sight, happily ever after, and that the sweetest sex is of the make-up variety.