AmyLu Riley

On Freedom, Health, and Wholeness

AmyLu Riley

On Freedom, Health, and Wholeness

AmyLu Riley’s books help you find more life in your life, through relationship with God. She is the author of 4 Christian nonfiction books, and is working on her first fiction book.

She also writes a monthly email devoted to the spiritual formation of Christ-followers. (Subscribe and receive a free copy of the Soar devotional at

Her books include Faith with Wings (2020), Faith with Grit for the Not-Yet Healed (2019), Stay: Why I’m Still Here, a Spiritual Memoir (2019), and Jesus as Healer: Miracles and Meditations in Luke (2016).

She and her husband, Richard Riley, live in Indiana with their golden retriever, Annie. AmyLu’s favorite author is Dora Saint, whose dry wit, love of nature, and gorgeous writing are so full of life. You can see some of AmyLu’s other recommended reads at

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