Angelique Migliore


Angelique Migliore


Angelique Migliore is a by-product of PBS’s television show Big Blue Marble. From a
very early age, she watched and absorbed people from around the world live daily lives much
different from hers and eating the most interesting dishes ever. Heck, there were different
animals all over the place! An immediate appreciation and love of other peoples, cultures,
languages, and foods (and later religions) made her feel like a citizen of a big, beautiful
world—not just one country.
The seed planted by Big Blue Marble grew in Angelique’s heart to size of a giant
Weeping Willow. Much to her mother’s dismay, “strangers” have never scared her; they
intrigued her. She became a linguist, she got a BA in hospitality, and eventually an MA in
Religious Studies. Today she writes stories of UNIVERSAL LOVE and TIMELESS ROMANCE
where everyone is respected, loved, and gets a Happily Ever After or, at the very least, a Happy
For Now.
Decades later, Angelique still has the same pen-pal she exchanged post cards with on Big
Blue Marble. “MAFE” is to this day, her oldest friend.

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