The Child Author


The Child Author

Anushka is eight years old. She is in grade 3.
She was born in Arkansas,USA , then moved to Chicago, Dallas and now in Toronto.
She started reading at the age of two. She is an avid reader,a regular member of the local libraries since she was a toddler, and has read over a 1000 library books just in the past one year.While stuck at home during Covid-19 she wanted to do something constructive and that’s how she nurtured the idea of writing a book.
Her schooling started at Preston Hollow CDC , then Children’s Courtyard, Universal Academy and now at Seneca Trail. This fall she will be starting at Coronation School where she has been selected for the “gifted program”. Anushka enjoys reading, bike riding, and movies. She is also very good at ice skating. She has a sister Arushi, in kindergarten.
Anushka has inspired many little readers during her in-person Book Events, who now want to pursue their dream of becoming an author. Anushka is very active in the community, and donates part of her proceeds to charitable organizations like “Durham Children’s Aid Association” ,”Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre”,”Autism Home Base Durham Inc.”,etc . She also sends donations to Ghana for little kids.

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