Author Anna Bella


Author Anna Bella

Born in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Anna Bella spent her formative years maintaining her faith and hope in good things to come, despite enduring difficulties and discouragement. After migrating to the United States in 1987, she connected with extended family, made a variety of friends, and attended high school. Marrying at an early age, she courageously relocated to Florida in 1995, with periods of her life spent traveling back and forth from New York. Always interested in bettering herself and being financially independent, she obtained her BSN and AA degrees and dabbled in an embalming course.
This surgical nurse is a lover of the arts, an avid reader, a passionate writer, a hopeless romantic, and a mother of four. Though she has always worn rose-colored glasses, she has learned through trial and error to balance optimism with realism, and sees the world with ever-growing discernment. She enjoys dancing, experimenting with multicultural cuisines, and spending time with friends. Though she can be very serious, she loves to laugh and make others laugh along with her. By writing extensively of her life’s tribulations and wry observations on human nature and relationships, Anna Bella rises above negativity while uplifting herself and her audience.

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