Butch & Louie

Societally unacceptable—with no plans to change!

Butch & Louie

Societally unacceptable—with no plans to change!

Who are Butch & Louie?

Societally unacceptable—with no plans to change!

Is that it?

We write vignettes about people, places and life events as seen through our bad boy eyes.

Here are a few things other people have said about us. Maybe that will provide you a window into our non-redemptive asses.

Sargent Bernard Walsh, “Butch and Louie are two witty guys. They make me laugh every time I have to talk to them.”

Detective Mannie Lopez, “These guys are fun to be with. I never leave the room without a smile.”

Bail Bondsman Martie McGee, “Butch and Louie always have a funny story to tell. I love it when they come in.”

Pastor Michael Washington, “These guys are two dirty a’holes, but I love being around them.”

Marta Tandori, author of The Ties That Bind, Too Little Too Late, Turn A Blind Eye and 8 other books. “You both clearly have a wicked sense of humor and an interesting take on life and this really shines through in your book, making it an interesting read”

Grant Leishman, author of The Second Coming, The Photograph, Love Beyond, Tortured Minds and 6 other books. “Good comedy is extremely hard to write and whether you agree or not with Butch and Louie’s darkly funny insights into life, you will have to agree they are genuinely funny and for that the authors have achieved their goal, to make you laugh, and kudos to them for that. As with any collection, there are some slices of life that struck me as pure genius and one in particular that elicited a deep belly laugh. A Better World Through Plastics genuinely had me leaning forward and clutching my stomach in hilarity.”

Did you guys really write this book and why?

Or you asking if we can right? (Mrs. Blanchard, our 10th grade English teacher, used to ask the same question. She was key to our early graduation.)

Of course, we wrote it. Sometimes, when we’re having a bad day, like right after an interrogation, we need a few good laughs to make the day go better. We thought you could use some too.

Do you guys really ride Harleys?

Panhead humorists don’t ride bicycles!

Have you two ever been in prison?

Well, that depends on what you mean by “in.” We do make deliveries to prisons on occasion.

A better question might be, have you guys ever been convicted of anything?

No—at least not yet! Despite what Mrs. Blanchard thought, we’re smarter than we look. Wow, that would make a good tat!

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Yeah. It’s time to ride. Welcome to Our World!

And don’t forget to keep us happy with good reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so we won’t park in front of your house. It’s disruptive!

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