C.D. Samuda


C.D. Samuda


I have concluded that there are two things in life I cannot live without. I cannot breathe without writing, and the idea of never having cheesecake again is completely unthinkable.
I was born in the sunny paradise of Jamaica, as what we call a ‘country girl’. A country person is from the rural areas, outside of the city.
My passion for writing came through my love of books, starting at a tender age. My mom keeps reminding me that I started kindergarten before the acceptable age and was the youngest in my school. She said I loved books before I could form words properly.
I can remember the first novels I read out of school. All I remember is ‘borrowing’ my sister’s novels and falling in love with the stories. That made me want to create these stories. The first author I remember actually falling in love with was Barbara Cartland, then I found Danielle Steele.
When I was in high school, I read every Mills & Boon and every Harlequin romance I could get my hands on. That’s when I knew I was going to be a romance author.
However, discouragement from outside forces and life got in the way. I spent twenty something years pining away at the idea that maybe I’d never realize my dream.
In 2009 I started pursuing that dream. I quit my job. With no money and no way of earning a living, I started ghostwriting.
In 2016 I quit ghostwriting and am now pursuing that lifelong dream full time. I have one regret, and that is not having the courage to quit my job sooner.
I love animals, plants, food, good music and my family.
I have a love for Asian dramas, chocolate and a glass of good wine. But cheesecake is my one weakness, that’s the only thing I hate sharing. *smile*

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