C.P. Macdonald


C.P. Macdonald

I have always loved reading Science Fiction and for years I had these fun stories running around in my head. So one day I decided it was time to write them down.

If you love space ships, pirates, smugglers, advanced technology, and adventures, stick around. I am working on The Atlantean Conflict, but I have plenty of other stories lined up to write.

During the day I am a self-employed Graphic Designer and Illustrator, which means I can create my own book covers exactly how I want them. I currently live in Tennessee with my wife and twins.

S.A Hoag

I’ve been a lifelong Sci-Fi addict, from Saturday morning monster movies to a well-stocked public library, and being absolutely thrilled

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G J Ogden studied Physics at UMIST, but spent more time writing for and later editing the University magazine, GRIP,

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