Chris Lewando

Awesome escapist fiction

Chris Lewando

Awesome escapist fiction

Chris Lewando was born a social rebel. She bought her first motorbike at sixteen and proceeded to enjoy caving, martial arts, scuba-diving, sailing, and paragliding.

She has been an English teacher, an energy assessor, an upholsterer, and a data analyst for a multi-national company. With an MA (hons) in Creative Writing, she has published stories in mainstream and literary magazines, a 12-part fictional soap in a national newspaper, several mainstream genre erotic books. She continues to tutor fiction for the London School of Journalism.

She is now writing thrillers that have been described as compulsive, no-frill reads comparable to Tom Clancy with a dash of Stephen King. Her books read at the literary end of the commercial book market; action combined with psychology.

She ran from a nine-to-five job to write novels in an old farmhouse in the West of Ireland There, she plants trees for the future, and plays Irish music for American tourists. If you enjoy her work, please provide feedback on Amazon or Goodreads, and join her at chrislewando dotcom, where you will also discover a portfolio of free reads, and be invited to make contact, and be updated on any new releases.

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