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D.I. Telbat


D. I. Telbat is a Christian author best known for his Suspenseful Fiction with a Faith Focus, which includes his bestselling and award-winning COIL Series, Steadfast Series, and several other Christian Suspense and End Times novels. He wrote his first book at age 14, and he hasn’t stopped since!

David Telbat offers a free weekly newsletter which includes a Christian short story, an Author Reflection, or his novel news. Because of his interest in the Persecuted Church and missions, many of D.I. Telbat’s stories are about persecuted Christians—their sacrifice, and rescues.

Getting into trouble with the law as a young man became a turning point in David’s life. The Lord used that experience to draw David into a personal relationship with Him. Re-focusing his life for Christ, David now seeks to honor God with his life and his writing.

After he studied writing in college, David worked for a time in the newspaper field, but he is now doing what he loves: writing and Christian ministry. When not busy with ministry commitments, he focuses on writing novels, short stories, and curriculum for Christians in prison.

Though D.I. Telbat is currently living on the West Coast, he has kept his home office in the Northwest U.S. where his assistant, Dee, lives and helps with his research and editing needs.
Visit David’s Author Pages at books2read.com/ap/8NV7l8/DI-Telbat where you’ll find a display of all his novels and short story collections, along with direct retailer links.

There is no redemption without sacrifice.

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