E.G. Bateman


E.G. Bateman


I live in England with my husband, son and dogs. I like the idea of going to the gym but prefer to eat chocolate and spend time on Facebook. Procrastination is an issue! I miss Buffy.

I love to communicate with readers so please visit egbatemanwrites.com where you can join my reader list and get a free Faders story not available anywhere else.

Michelle L. Levigne

On the road to publication, Michelle fell into fandom in college and has 40+ stories in various SF and fantasy

Zack Hacker

Zack Hacker lives in Cincinnati with his wife and 3 cats, where he teaches high school English. He has degrees

D K Girl

Danielle K Girl is an Aussie who lives in stunning Tasmania with her two furkids, cats Luffy and Sweetie (@sweetiebyname).

Rachel Ford

Rachel Ford is a software engineer by day, and a writer most of the rest of the time. She is