Emma Vikes


Emma Vikes


Emma Vikes is a passionate contemporary romance author, who thrives by 3 aims – to entertain her readers, to entertain them massively, and then to entertain them amazingly!

She used to work in the corporate world, but didn’t like it. So, she found her escape from this world through her writing.

Emma became obsessed with the world of contemporary romance once one of her friends introduced her to this genre few years back. She got instantly hooked and turned into a voracious contemporary romance reader, until she became so fascinated that she couldn’t resist writing her own romance stories to sooth her own fantasies.

But apart from penning down her naughty thoughts in papers, she loves to spend quality time with her 2-year-old boy and plan date nights with her husband. Trust me, she is a hopeless romantic.

Being a strong-minded woman, she loves her female leads as sassy, independent and strong. And her heroes are alpha male who are hot and super rich with a dash of sensitivity.

So, if you’re looking for sizzling hot romances with generous amount of twists and suspense, you will love her creations.

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