Jeanne Felfe


Jeanne Felfe


Jeanne Felfe (pronounced Gee Knee Fell Fee) started writing as a teen, but never seriously until about 2012. She would start writing with stark raving enthusiasm, and then mysteriously stop, sometimes for months or years. It wasn’t until she retired from her ATT Project Management job that she asked herself, “if not now, when?” She launched into the July 2013 Camp NaNoWriMo, the writer bug bit, and this time didn’t let go.

Since then, she’s had more than 30 award-winning short stories, essays, and poems published in a variety of anthologies. She serves as President on the board of her writer’s guild, Saturday Writers.

Her debut novel, The Art of Healing, a sweet love story, was published in June 2016, has been re-released with a new title, Bridge to Us, and a new cover. Jeanne is currently working on her second novel, a story of overcoming prejudices, and a third novel, a dramatic story of lost love, lies and family betrayal. Jeanne is also working on two novels inspired by her 2017 trip to Tanzania and Rwanda. Several of her short stories ache to be novels. So yeah, she keeps her pen moving on the page.

Jeanne is a Texan by birth, but has resided in the St. Louis area since 1986, currently in St. Charles, MO, with her fiancé, and two dogs who believe they are tiny humans. She likes to say, “If you ever meet someone named Felfe, we ARE related.”

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