Katerina Thomas

The Future of Work is AI. Are You Ready?

Katerina Thomas

The Future of Work is AI. Are You Ready?

Katerina Thomas is an entrepreneur, writer and scholar in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial resilience. Katerina has a special interest in cognitive–behavioural therapy and disruptive technologies, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI).

Katerina is an author of the book Generation AI: The Rise of The Resilient Entrepreneur Part investigation and part playbook for the future, Generation AI: The Rise of the Resilient Entrepreneur explains why to stay relevant, many will turn to entrepreneurship. However, only resilient and adaptive people who can think in unpredictable and creative ways will be able to benefit from the forthcoming rapid technological advancements and ride the next entrepreneurial wave.

An educational professional by day and writer and mentor by night, Katerina received her PhD in philosophy from Aston University and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Katerina’s mission is to teach business owners the critical action steps needed to build entrepreneurial resilience, survive business challenges, and use powerful strategies to review, reinvent and relaunch their businesses. She hosts the Mental Wealth for Entrepreneurs podcast, which is all about building entrepreneurial resilience and approaches to mental well-being. The podcast explores authentic stories of entrepreneurs about their ups and downs on their entrepreneurial journeys and also challenges and combats the stigma around mental health – all tied together by Katerina’s mission to help people become resilient entrepreneurs.

When she is not writing, teaching or podcasting, Katerina spends most of her time teaching and reading to her son, and walking in the countryside. An avid nature fanatic, she feeds her addiction by going for long walks in nature parks and forests with her son and two Italian Greyhound dogs on weekends.

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