L.j. Redding

Founder of Pelican Proofing & PA Services

L.j. Redding

Founder of Pelican Proofing & PA Services

Writing is only part of the battle; marketing and administrative duties are completely necessary to get your work into readers’ hands but take up so much time … time that you could use to be writing.
I aim to help with this so you can get back to writing, and I aim to do it without breaking the bank.
Spending too much time on things like learning / setting up BookFunnel, MailerLite, rounding up review quotes for ad copy, sending out ARCs, etc., but aren’t up for paying a PA long term? I can help; check out the page’s ‘services’ tab, or send a message with specific needs and we’ll figure them out.
I also offer PA services, prices pending author’s needs and the corresponding time. Inquire for details.

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