Mark Willen

Author of the Jonas Hawke series

Mark Willen

Author of the Jonas Hawke series

Mark Willen was born, raised, and educated in New England, where he developed a special appreciation for the values, humor, and strength of its people, as well as the sense of community that characterizes so many of its small towns.

As a journalist, he has been a reporter, columnist, blogger, producer, and editor at The Voice of America, National Public Radio, Congressional Quarterly, Bloomberg News, and Kiplinger.

Mark’s new novel, a mystery titled “The Question Is Murder,” will be released May 14 by Pen-L Publishing. He is also the author of the Jonas Hawke series, a family saga with a heavy dose of suspense. His short stories have been published in The Rusty Nail, Corner Club Press, and The Boiler Review. Visit Mark’s website — MarkWillen.com — and signup to receive his frequent book reviews.

Mark lives with his wife in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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