Michael Angel


Michael Angel

Michael Angel’s fictional worlds range from the former Soviet province of Ozrabek to the magic-filled realm of Andeluvia.

His eBooks, audio books, and paperbacks populate shelves in 12 different languages. However, despite keeping a keen eye out for globe-trotting epidemiologists, unicorns, or galactic marshals, none have yet put in an appearance on Hollywood Boulevard.

Jamie A. Waters

Dreamer, writer, and dragon whisperer. Jamie A. Waters is an award-winning author of science-fiction and fantasy romance. Her first novel

B.D. Grant

B.D. Grant is the author of Dystopian & Post-Apocalyptic sci-fi novels.

G J Ogden

G J Ogden studied Physics at UMIST, but spent more time writing for and later editing the University magazine, GRIP,

Madeleine Mozley

Madeleine is a desert-dwelling word fiend from New Mexico, where she lives with her husband, two kids, and three fur