Sara Ahavah

A Conversation With The Sages - The Path To Love, Success & Happiness

Sara Ahavah

A Conversation With The Sages - The Path To Love, Success & Happiness

The  founder of the Sara Ahavah Spiritual Institute. A  spiritual educator, coach and author of self-help books to raise human consciousness for self-improvement, spiritual growth and good connections.

Her most recent books  ‘A Conversation With The Sages – Taking the path that leads to love, happiness and success together with her journals can be found in  Amazon.

Her career started as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 1992 but did not stop there. Her keen interest in spiritual matters got her involved in church affairs until 2009, when she determined she wanted to understand sacred teachings’ more profound meaning. Faced with relationship problems inherited from her childhood, she began to question her understanding of the meaning of life.

Her period of dark nights pushed her deeper into the world of spirituality to find answers to the predicaments of the human race. The knowledge and skills she gained helped her recovered from the emotional and mental distresses. As she began healing internally through the power of spiritual practices, she learnt the powerful connection between the spirit, mind, body and emotion. Over twenty thousand people have read her  teachings  on social media or watch videos of her teachings on Facebook.

No matter what challenges you are facing; whether it is :

  • Emotional trauma and hurt
  • Mental anguish and chaos
  • Financial instability and challenges
  • Emotional insecurity, sadness, anger and frustration
  • Relationship breakdown and a prolonged unhappiness
  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence …………….

Spiritual healing through the power of inner alignment for a positive mental attitude and emotional wellness can see you bounced back into your highest and best self. It has the power to uplift the soul and ignite confidence and joy in the  heart and mind.

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