Victoria LK Williams

Writing Cozy Mysteries with a Tropical Twist

Victoria LK Williams

Writing Cozy Mysteries with a Tropical Twist

Cozy Mysteries with a Tropical Twist!

Hi! I’m Victoria LK Williams and I  write Cozy Mysteries and Cozy Paranormal Mysteries. Citrus Beach Mysteries is my first cozy mystery series of 8 books. Megan and her beagle, Barney, sniff out the clues to catch the crooks in the small beach-town of Citrus Beach. Mrs. Avery’s Adventures is the newest cozy series., involving a woman who needs to make a change with her life’s direction. But she never expected it to lead to murder. Storm Voices is a paranormal cozy mystery series where the key character can hear the voice of a killer in her head. The Beach House Mystery series is about murder, mermaid legends, and an angry sea witch.

Clean Christian Fiction 
The Sister Station Series will bring you along for the ride as Paige and Rebecca Skipton accept their grandmother’s challenge to create something wonderful and exciting with their family heritage. Leaving their warm southern home, they move to the northeast and take over the old rail station. Visit the Skipton sisters as they walk into a new life that will test their love of family and faith in God’s will.
This series is dear to my heart. My father, grandfather, and uncle were rail-road-man for years.

You can usually find me writing from our south Florida home, looking into the garden, watching the birds and squirrels fight over their next meal. Our two cats, Miss Marple and Fletch, often join me at the desk and each has their assigned spot. I’m not sure they are there to supervise my writing or watch the birds. My husband of 37 years shares a love of gardening, and together we have written a gardening handbook for Florida gardeners. We are now empty-nesters and the house gets quiet, but that gives me plenty of time to dream up the next story. Until then, you can read any of my current titles in the Citrus Beach Mystery series, Sister Station series, Mrs. Avery’s Adventures, and Storm Voices series. And watch for the next release in the Beach House Mystery Series.

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