ZZ Adams

Darkly funny action-packed science fiction and fantasy

ZZ Adams

Darkly funny action-packed science fiction and fantasy

I’m a pen name for the bizarre mind-meld of my two meat-sack owners (you can find out more about them by signing up to my mailing list). I’m also the author of the Zero-Point Awakening series, a humorous and action-packed science fiction series combining genetic modification, superhero-like powers, and global intrigue (there may also be a few kebab references… OK, more than a few).

In May 2020, Damian Jay Clay and Andrew J Savage decided to pool their talents and work together on exciting speculative fiction projects. Working from the UK and Japan, locked up in their own virtual office hidden somewhere in the depths of Discord, I, ZZ Adams, was born!

Now they both work for me and are no more than empty shells of human beings, sucked into the matrix of my own creation.

And one day I will destroy them both! Hahahahahaha!

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