8 Lies We Believe about Forgiveness

And the Truths We Should Embrace Instead

Do I have to forgive? Do I have to reconcile if I do?

There are so many questions about forgiveness yet so little discussion. Sarah K. Howley provides a refreshing discussion on forgiveness and its close cousin reconciliation. The Bible is so clear on forgiveness, but it is also so difficult. Sarah walks you through various points about forgiveness that distort our view and life. The truths presented offer hope and encouragement for those who may be having a hard time forgiving. Because sometimes forgiving is just hard, thankfully Jesus acknowledged that and walks with us through it.

"Jesus told us we need to forgive, but he never said we need to be a doormat. There’s a big distinction that Alive Again handles in depth and with clarity. I felt her practical tips for moving forward even when things aren’t fully reconciled would be particularly helpful for people trying to move past the hurt."
Shirley Alarie, Finding God Among Us

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