A Dark and Stormy Knight

A lady who knows who she is … A knight who knows who he needs …

Lady Sibley of Wakefield has never desired a life like her sisters. Instead of enjoying conventional feminine pursuits, she spent her childhood testing her mettle with the warriors around her. Sword fighting was her preferred dance; armor was her choice of dress. But when her childhood love, Lord Montgomery de Mortain, returns to Wakefield changed after long years of fighting with King William, Sibley begins to question all she’s worked for.

Montgomery is broken. As a young man, he joined the King’s ruthless campaign in the north, and the utter destruction they wrought crippled him just as swiftly as the rebels he’d helped to put down. Now that he’s returned to Wakefield, he is altered beyond belief, not even able to lift his sword without his past rising to haunt him. Montgomery yearns for rest and calm, quiet and solitude, and Sibley is none of those things. He is determined to keep her at a distance along with the secret of a fateful night they shared long ago.

Montgomery’s reprieve is short-lived when the King announces all his finest warriors travel to Winchester to participate in a tournament to celebrate the newfound peace. When Sibley is chosen as one of the knights to compete in the mock battle, Montgomery decides to reveal their secret in an effort to keep her planted and safe at Wakefield.

Sibley refuses to allow Montgomery or his many distractions to stop her from becoming a knight, but as they grow closer, she has to decide whether a future without him is worth pursuing at all. Can a woman ever have everything? Can she retain her dreams and her man, or is there only room for one knight in their relationship?

"This one is scorching hot. Hot characters and plot. Lots of action in and out of the bedroom. Sibley and Monty stole my heart."

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