A Deadly Game

A Jack Calloway Supernatural Thriller

An Unstoppable Game. One With Deadly Consequences.

Vampire Jack Calloway, a criminal profiler and private investigator, has a new case—a trail of emails sent to him by a woman in fear for her life. A woman who is now missing. And a dead reporter who possessed information she desperately wanted Jack to have.

When Seattle Police Detective Ed Halstead reaches out to Jack for a consultation on two dead people with missing organs, Ed’s case collides with Jack’s, and their investigation leads them down a dangerous path.

It’s been five months since Jack last saw forensic investigator Sergeant Carla Briggs. Not wanting to live in a world where vampires exist, she begged Jack to let her go. No longer pining over the past and surrounded by new friends, Jack’s on solid ground. But as the investigation unfolds, Jack confronts his feelings for Carla all over again. Now, she’s carrying a secret. A secret Jack’s not sure he can ignore.

As Jack searches for the person responsible for it all, he and his colleagues follow a bloody trail through a dark world of greed, power, and human depravity. Following the leads, Jack confronts a larger conspiracy. A conspiracy he didn’t see coming – one he doesn’t have control.

Can Jack stop a sinister plan before it’s too late?

"“A thriller with a paranormal twist. Jack Calloway, PI consultant and criminal profiler for various police agencies, has a new client who feared for her life and who is now missing. What follows is a tense, action-packed story which pits Jack, the Seattle Police Department and local FBI office against an international crime family and their human trafficking operation. Excellent writing combined with well-developed characters makes this a can-t-put-it-down book! Can’t wait for the next Jack Calloway thriller…”"
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