A Dose of Danger: Big Pharma Series

Sometimes, fate serves up temptation

A chance meeting and a case of mistaken identity bring Haley and Jack together, and then instantly apart!

Haley, a registered nurse, is romantically pursued by a man she believes is a cheating, low-life scoundrel. She’s had enough of men like that for a lifetime.

Jack Foster wants to get close to gorgeous Haley. He’s betting she is the breath of fresh air he’s looking for. As Chief Research Scientist at Chadwell Pharmaceuticals, Jack feels threatened by a corporate ladder climber who has a mindset to undermine him.

Disillusioned, he entered this field of study and work to make a real difference in the world. Recent revelations have shown him that the large pharmaceutical company has other plans that do not always include helping or healing.

Experience the tempting moments and illusive danger Jack and Haley encounter as they attempt to carve out happy lives bounded by the long arm reach of Big Pharma.

Heat Level – Sweet with “fade to black” or “closed door” scenes.

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