A Firm Place to Stand

The only way to stop falling is to take a stand

She’s either being stalked or losing her mind.
A job at a camp in the rustic and often rugged landscape of West Texas offers Maribel Montgomery a chance to escape both, especially if she makes sure no one knows she’s there.
But when the body of a woman washes up in the river on her first morning, her hope of a safe place to start over are swept away.
The suspicion she’s being watched follows her to her new home, and Maribel is forced to take a stand or keep running. Does she have the courage to face the danger stirring at the Pool of Siloam Camp?
If she doesn’t, another girl might die.
If she tries and fails, it could be her.
Circumstances force her into the acquaintance of Conner Pierce—a man with secrets of his own. Can Maribel risk working with him in order to save the next victim and find a missing girl?
Or is he the killer?

"A Firm Place to Stand is the debut novel from Lori Altebaumer and it’s a pretty good start. The tone is set on the first page as we dive straight into the action. The story runs smoothly, with a few twists and turns and plenty going on to keep you reading. The characters are well-developed, likable, and you do find yourself rooting for both Maribel and Conner – you desperately want her to find the peace she deserves. It’s not what I would call a high-action novel but it is steady and it doesn’t deviate from the plot. And it does hold your interest all the way through, the mark of a good author. A good story recommended for those that want something different to while away a pleasant few hours on a rainy day."
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