A Good Night’s Sleep

All they wanted was the perfect family…

Kevin and his wife Sam had the perfect life, all that was missing was a child. That changed when they met Lily, the well behaved child of their dreams. But they quickly find out that the pressures of parenthood might be more than they bargained for, or is there something more sinister going on?Every night brings feverish new terrors, each worse than the first. Are they losing their minds, or falling into a never ending, nightmarish decent into madness?

"As with much good horror fiction, the fears and anxieties at the core of “A Good Night’s Sleep” (eBook available for free by joining the Ryan McGinnis mailing list here) are contemporary while simultaneously hearkening back to older, more primal notions of the self...In horror, our deepest fears are made real and that is definitely the case in A Good Night's Sleep."
Cody Ward, The Boron Heist

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