A Missing Rose

An Archer's Corner Cozy Mystery Prequel

As a PI I always solve my cases, but being back in my hometown is turning me into a disaster who plows into pink unicorns. Running down the beloved sculpture wasn’t the only surprising thing about my visit. I didn’t think Perry Kansas was big enough for anyone to go missing. But here I am, looking for a missing person, in a town that hates my guts.Suddenly, I’m being dragged from my bed, falling into a handsome stranger’s big arms, and getting hit with a book concealing a mysterious letter.Being back home also means a visit to my family’s archery shop. My uncle wants me to come back and take it over, but my aim in this case is way off. The clues are elusive. And the suspect is the unlikeliest candidate I never wanted to catch.


Former operative turned federal agent Garrison Chase is investigating the biggest case of his career. A shocking crime wave plagues

Kay MacLeod’s Welcome Pack

Authentic characters. Innovative abilities. Serious snark.The Carnelian Fox Bonus Chapter Find out the origins of Maiyamon, a monster-catching game brought

The Right Woman

Alan Mitchell knows that he doesn’t need to ask twice for something he wants. When he snaps his fingers, everything

About the Author

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