A Quiet Wife

A Novella

A twisty, psychological novella by the author of Silent Child.

Jack is smitten with his neighbour, Audrey, but she’s already taken… and they’ve never met. Every morning, he watches Audrey make breakfast for her husband. She dutifully waves him goodbye from the window as he leaves for work. She’s a loyal, quiet wife, and there’s nothing Jack wants more than to be in her husband’s shoes.

But when Audrey’s husband leaves her for another woman, he seizes the opportunity to insert himself into her life. After all, Jack knows everything about Audrey. He knows she likes to dance in her garden. He knows she’s almost always alone. He knows her every move because he’s been watching her through his telescope for months.

And there’s a room in his house just for her. He has it all prepared. There’s just one thing missing—Audrey.

A short and creepy read that delivers on the chills and the twists. Not to be missed.

""I INHALED IT!! 69 pages of pure creep! I LOVED the stalker Joe Goldberg Dear Diary vibe. This coupled with the book being set in the isolation of the pandemic made it the stuff of actual nightmares. A quick, sick, twisted read that I throughly enjoyed.""
Amazon Reviewer

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