A Thousand Hearts: Short Story and Poem Anthology

This is a short story and poem anthology encompassing the genres of fantasy, horror, humor, thriller, contemporary, and religious.

*If only he had one more heart to give…

*What happened to those days when your worth was proven by the strength of your arm and not by the inner office dramatics of whose turn it was to brew the coffee?…

*A new AC unit ran about $1000, but the 2003 hunk-a-junk only scored a worth of $500 even with a tank full of gas. The best he could do was sell it for a laugh. Or donate it to a charity for the poor. Which means he’d end up back with it when he went looking for his next car….

*I’m usually not this irritated with my boyfriend, but that violin cry just over the freaking wall has my nerves stretched as if the violin bow is sliding over them like strings…


Vanessa is a bubbly, driven woman with several jobs and a brain that never stops. Her only relationships with men

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