A Vigilante and a Two-Armed Man

The Lefty Bruder Origin Story

The press has dubbed him the Dirty Harry Pimp Killer.The killer’s first five victims were pimps. But now the stakes are raised as this serial killer shoots an innocent man. St. Louis County Police Detective George Bruder, along with his partner Louis Gaines, must find the pimp killer before he murders another innocent person.The two detectives have a witness, a prostitute who saw the victim get shot through the back. But she’s not talking, fearful of her pimp. Bruder isn’t convinced that’s her only reason for silence. There’s something else at play and he believes that reason will help lead to the killer.Bruder and Gaines navigate through the St. Louis sex trade trying to determine who this killer is, why he’s killing pimps, and why the latest victim was outside a seedy motel known for prostitution. It’s not Bruder’s first case, but will it be his last? This case will change his life forever and lead him down a path he never would have anticipated.

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