After the Blue, Blue Rain

L.A., 1946. The war is past, the future looks bright. But for some weary heroes, the journey home is a battle still to be won.

L.A. 1946. The client is desperate, the target has disappeared into thin air. And a routine missing person case is about to take a dangerous turn for P.I. Kit Comfort and partner Henry Richman, the LAPD’s most infamous ex-cop. While on the hunt for a veteran who’s gone missing from an L.A.-bound train, detectives Kit and Henry come face-to-face with an underground network of enemy sympathizers. The duo’s discovery sets off alarms with the U.S. Army, and soon, the pair are in a race against the clock, battling both a deadly cabal and dodgy government agents. The wounds of war come full circle in this devastating conspiracy between “good and evil.”

""This is an exciting tale with a fast-paced plot that followers of the mystery genre will find too appealing to put down. An excellent detective story.""
Asian Essien, Readers’ Favorite


Captain Mitchell Bruce, a Federation drone pilot, gives the order to destroy an independent colony, but the drone AI, Jinn,

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