Against the Grain

A tyrannical high school principal. A young anarchist with nothing left to lose. One way or another, this place is goin’ down.

Matt Moyer is an orphaned teen growing up on a primitive farm in the Pennsylvania coal region. He’s homeschooled by his eccentric and philosophical great-uncle, who’s a stickler for logic, reason, and intellectual honesty. Despite his uncle’s reverence for veracity, inconsistencies arise regarding the old man’s shady past and the teen’s parents.Through a harrowing sequence of events, Matt is forced to attend a public school. The feral teen finds it difficult to cope with the hypocrisy, propaganda, and misinformation that adults and children so readily accept. Faced with the possibility of expulsion, arrest, and ostracism, he must make a choice. Will he choose the easy lie or the hard truth?Download this book to find out if Matt conforms or goes Against the Grain.Adult language and sexual content.What readers are saying“The intensity and emotion jammed between the pages of Against the Grain had my mind spinning, thinking outside the normal comfort zone. Never before have I been transported from that of mere sheep to independent thinker so easily. I take some serious influencing. But, this story swallowed me whole, and I didn’t put my kindle down until I finished. Late night!!” – Terri R. ★★★★★”This story is as poignant today as Atlas Shrugged was in its day.” – ptDog ★★★★★”This is a great story with a great message.” – Tara P. ★★★★★“Every now and again a book comes along that simply wallops you in the solar plexus as it is so good. Against the Grain by Phil M. Williams is such a book.” – Manie K. ★★★★★“It truly makes you think. People say that about a lot of books, but I can honestly say no other book has made me think/ponder/analyze as much as this one. One young man’s story. So incredibly written, so much truth to explore.” – Alisa ★★★★★“Every once in a while a book comes along that opens your eyes and makes you rethink everything you know.” – Angeltobe ★★★★★

"Every once in a while a book comes along that opens your eyes and makes you rethink everything you know."
5 Star Amazon Review

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