Agatha’s Story

Agatha is different.

Meet Agatha.Agatha is different. Even she doesn’t know how different she is.Agatha has an aversion to water. She carries an oilskin umbrella under her arm. She spends her meagre savings on waterproof shoes.And then there are the twenty-four hour interludes. Days when she wakes up and cannot recall where she has been or what she has done.The truth is worse than she ever imagined.Set in an alternate London in 1793, ‘Agatha’s Story’ is a taster, drawn from the world of  the Thea Dora Trilogy. The Thea Dora Trilogy  is a forthcoming epic fantasy that spans the 18th to 28th centuries.The first book, ‘Gifts of the Goddess’ is currently with a New York-based literary agency. The other two books in the trilogy are ‘The Half-Life Girl’ and ‘Rosebud’.Also by the authorTinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Poorman Beggarman Thief!

"Charles Palmer is a great teller of tales. I have yet to read a book written by him that disappoints."
Annemarie King. Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

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