All For Love

Is This Love Truly Real? Am I Falling To Fast?

Miranda (Mimi) was well on her way to a romantic doom when her friend Jojo invited her to be a part of her bridal party, then things couldn’t have changed more. First, she and her beau of five years broke it off, and then she found out some very serious dirt on her friend and her soon – to – be husband in a way she could never have dreamed of in a million light-years.Not knowing who to turn to, she confided in the best man, Stephen. She was completely into him almost immediately, and he turned out to feel the same way about her. Stephen was a dream compared to her last man. An independently wealthy corporate owner with a heart of gold, and the body of a God. He was almost too charming and what started as a simple piece of advice turned into the whirlwind she had always wondered about.But could this really be the real deal or down the line will he be like her ex?All For Love is the leading book in the series, Nothing For One Love. Looking for juicy dripping, jaw-dropping, short but remarkable reads, you’ll love to get this short erotica in your downloads from Meghan Parker.

"Miranda (Mimi) is having some trouble trusting guys after breaking up with her jerk boyfriend. She meets Stephen, the best man at her friend’s wedding, and since she had no one else to turn to, confides some uncomfortable things she found out. Both of them were instantly attracted to each other, but he was almost too good to be true. He was not only very wealthy, but he was gorgeous and kind. Can he really be the one meant for her? Or is he going to turn into someone she cannot trust like her ex did?This was a good story that highlighted the insecurity that a bad relationship can cause. Miranda had been with her ex for five years. Now she was hesitant to fully trust for fear that this man might let her down as well someday. Can Stephen find a way to convince her of how he feels? Grab your copy and see if there is a HEA waiting for them."
5 Star Amazon Review

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