Alternate Susan

Make a third wish and she's doomed. But how can she go home again if she doesn't?

Her mom disappeared. Her siblings are dead. And a dangerous djinn is demanding payment for an unholy bargain.

Susan Stillwater is magically thrust into a not-quite-right version of her home town, where she has no idea who to trust, and the Magical Investigation Bureau (MIB) is interrogating her about an illegal summoning. Susan desperately buys time by feigning memory loss, but her lies are starting to unravel.When Susan’s friends narrowly survive a vicious attack, she learns the truth: the alternate Susan committed an abominable crime and left this Susan holding the bag. Now she has to locate her missing mother, dodge sleazy-hot men seeking favors, and open a portal to escape home again … all before the djinn collects payment for his wishes, which were never free.Can Susan escape the lethal pledge made by the alternate Susan?Alternate Susan is book one in an excitingly original trilogy by the author of the Kit Melbourne Series. If you like off-kilter magic in the American Southwest and non-stop tension, you’ll love Kater Cheek’s captivating novel.

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"Following Susan as she works her way through this without getting killed or killing anybody is a treat. Read it in two nights with huge enjoyment."
5 Star Amazon Review

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