An Afternoon Awry

What begins as an idyllic afternoon quickly turns treacherous.

University student Rex Fletcher is only trying to sketch the Pyramids of Giza, but then a mysterious figure offers him something he can’t refuse.  Will his curiosity be his demise?

Follow Rex on his first adventure in this thrilling short story that introduces him to the world of artifacts, danger, and secrets.

Get Well Soon

When they were in high school Becca gave Donovan a get well soon card. Since then, they’ve been the best

The Future of Work

If a robot could do your job, should it?Both Marxism and capitalism look to technology to bring about a utopia.

Origins: Pico

The machinations of state force Pico to have to fight to save the planet but he doesn’t want to. Is


A young girl, Natasha, born to a family of four goes into a coma for a couple of days after

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