Angelic Wars: Into the Mind of Lucifer

Evil Began in the Mind of One Angel

This eBook is a prequel to the Angelic Wars’ series where the author gives Lucifer less than 50 pages to state his case for rebellion against God. It addresses the following questions: Have you ever wondered how evil began? Or why God gave angels the free will to reject Him? This prequel to the Angelic Wars series, Into the Mind of Lucifer, is a small window into Rick E. Norris’s creation of interactive musical novels where characters sing when the reader activates a link.

Into the Mind of Lucifer is a fictional account of Lucifer’s state of mind while he was in the process of deciding to reject God’s majesty. In this Prequel to the Angelic Wars’ series, the author is inspired by Biblical sources that refer to Lucifer, also known as Satan and Morning Star. The Bible describes very little about Lucifer, but does note his beautiful appearance, his desire to be like God, his presence in the Garden of Eden, and his rebellion. This prequel is meant to establish Lucifer’s (fictional) mindset, which later develops in the angelic wars fought in Heaven. The fantasy stories of these heavenly battles are told in Angelic Wars: First Rebellion and Angelic Wars: End of the Beginning.

""I don’t consider myself religious by any means, but a lot of the shows I enjoy always include some kind of plot revolving around Christianity. Usually they’ll throw some random info in that leaves you scratching your head and wondering if there’s any merit to it. Norris, on the other hand, writes beautiful imagery and never loses the reader as he write about Lucifer’s perspective of his rebellion. He also includes music created specifically for the story and series, bringing the story to life and making it a true experience. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in shows like Supernatural or Lucifer. I do suggest having an open mind while reading as I became extremely sympathetic toward Lucifer as his anger and frustrations with God grew.""
Amazon Five-Star Review

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