Arctic Hunter

The red shifter line wants my blood, but the red prince desires my heart.

Ashe has lived an isolated, quiet life taking care of her twin sisters within their cabin in the woods. They are arctic wolf shifters, the rarest and most sought after lineage in the paranormal world. While their family was once the ruling alpha pack, an uprising exiled them and landed them in the Great Woods. Shortly after, their parents vanished, leaving Ashe to care for her sisters and to ensure they’re never found.Yet her naïve sisters refuse to be kept isolated, enrolling themselves and Ashe into the High Fae Academy for gifted supernaturals without her knowledge. Now, Ashe must navigate the politics of the academy shifter packs all while dealing with mean girls, sinfully sexy males, and her inner demons.Will Ashe be successful in protecting all that she holds dear?

"This book made my emotions go from zero to one-eighty in a moment. I totally loved the characters and the story. It was delightful with Arctic Shifters. My new favorite shifters. I never wanted this book to end. Betrayal, love, and family, it has every element in it. I'm so excited to know what happens next and I would be suffering from its withdrawal till the next book. A totally awesome new series."

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