Are You There God, It’s Me…365 Days of Prayer

Prayers to Get You Through the Year

The 365 prayer journal contains a prayer written by me for each day of the year. Each prayer has a full color background to stoke your creativity. I hope you are able to spend some time every day in prayer with God, not just talking with God, but truly communing with God in God’s atmosphere. Each day contains a prayer and space for you to write your own prayer or reflection. You can write whatever you like. There are so many ways to pray and it is my hope that you find a style that works for you and brings you closer into the presence of God.

You may have been raised to think you have to pray a certain way. You may be intimidated at the thought of writing your own prayer. God’s grace is sufficient for you and God will be pleased to hear whatever you want to share. Pour out what is on your mind and in your heart to the Lord, and you will find that your relationship will deepen and grow. I pray that using this prayer journal is as much of a blessing to you as it has been for me to create. 365 days of praying to God is just the beginning of the sweet eternal life we have through Jesus Christ.


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