Ashes & Dust

You think you know what I am? You don't.

I was the popular girl.A swimming superstar destined for Olympic glory.I had it all.Until I went to training one morning . . .and didn’t come back.Lanie Howard’s world is rocked to its core when her sister, Shiloh, suddenly shows up weeks after vanishing. Disheveled and disoriented, Shiloh has no recollection of her ordeal.The girl who returns is a distilled version of her former self.She’s acting weird.Something isn’t right.Her eyes . . .Her screams . . .There’s something dwelling inside.Exactly who, or what, came back from the unknown?Shiloh’s sister is determined to find out when a formidable stranger crosses their path, casting a sinister shadow on their efforts. There’s more to him than meets the eye.Peeling back the cloak of mystery surrounding Shiloh’s disappearance reveals an evil underbelly that’s best left hidden.Some things can’t be unseen.Will they put an end to the evil before it ends them?*Recommended for 18+ due to adult language and scenes. *

"What starts out as an innocent, sweet young romance certainly doesn't stay that way for very long. There is an edge of excitement and a touch of fear that sends your senses into overdrive. I need to know what happens in this story!"
5 Star Amazon Review

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