A journey. A magical realism story of fear, friendship, and redemption.

Asant finds himself tempted by desires to taste and have what others have, and chooses to rob a bank; however, at the last second he finds himself unable to go through with the robbery. Even so, the prospect of jail overwhelms his psyche. His spiritual mentor, and caretaker from the time of Asant’s teens, is direct, “You must face your actions…”

Asant makes his choice and decides to evade and escape his country, in one way spurred by a deep-seated fear, in another by the same courage inherent in every person. As for the fear in him, it had grown from knowing how his father was tortured and violated while himself in prison; while the courage was supported and ignited over the years by his mentor.

The mentor reiterates that it is Asant’s choice, and if it is to leave country, the mentor suggests doing a tremendous good by helping a people entrenched in war. Asant follows the mentor’s guidance and travels across borders in attempt to redeem himself. His strength grows through fortuitous encounters – a border-crossing courier who becomes a companion; a caravan leader who provides sustenance; a star-gazing clan chief; an individual who feels responsible for starting a war… Through it all he experiences how physical reality manifests from and intersects with spiritual reality, and along the way gains strength and trust to endure.

ATTEMPTS is a story of magical realism set in a fictitious country but a contemporary world. It deals with every-day reality and cultural criticism, such as poverty, theft, and punishment.

""I would recommend this book to anyone who likes magical realism, people who want to have peaceful ending to wars, who love reading about fictional countries and who love a good array of great characters that blend well together in the story." Sheila "This was a beautifully done fictional novel, I enjoyed the creation of this universe and the new political elements. The characters were wonderfully written and did everything that I was expecting. I was hooked from the first page and glad I got to read this." darkcatra"

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