Before Banshee

The short story prequel to Becoming Banshee

Sixteen-year-old, half-fairy Kadi Quinn leads a quiet life living with her uncle. That is until she meets her first banshee.Ian MacBeaghne has come to town to recruit Kadi. He has tracked her since she was an infant, and he thinks she’ll make a great Hunter in his clan. Their mission is to hunt down and take out rogue banshees who enjoy harming mortals.Kadi is eager to save innocent mortals, but will she survive her first year in Clan MacBeaghne?

Aphrodite’s Curse

A powerful family is brought to ruin, the consequences unforeseen and irreparable. The trouble begins with King Minos who asks

Little Girl Can Dance

When Andromeda loses her family, her best friend, her city, and her freedom, she must discover where lies the power

About the Author

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